Press Statement:launching Parliament Transformation Campaign

On 19th Oktober 2011, a proposal named "Transformation of Malaysian Parliament" had been submitted to all Members of Parliament who are not members of the Cabinet. Those Members who agree with the proposal can sign up on a petition. Standing Orders, Clause 19 will then be cited and petition the House of Representatives.

This motion was initailized on June 2011. While I came to know that the 12th Parliament may be dissolved at any time, I feel that it is my obligation to write about the shortcomings of Parliament business conduct and its existing inadequate facilities, so that this can be used as a refernce for future Members of the House.

The draft of this proposal was completed at the end of June 2011 and was sent to MP Liew Chin Tong for correction. Nevertheless, the second session of Parliament debate was dismissed when the proposal was finlaised. Due to this reason, I have missed out the opportunity to formally present this proposal.

Since the BERSIH rally on 9th of July 2011, the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform was finally established by the Parliament. Although the reformation process is "too slow, too late" in my opinion, I still feel that at least the establishment of the PSC is an encouragment. And I think if the above proposal can be used as a basic reference for Parliamentary Select Committee on Parliament Reform, that will help Malaysian Parliament to enchance its system, in order to push forward the democracy agenda.

Three major factors had been suggested to elaborate on framework of the
Parliamentary Reformation, such as
1. Parliament facilities
2. Parliamentary business
3. PSC and Shadow Governmant

There are three major categories in the Proposal, i.e. facilities upgrading, Parliament reformation and Parliament sessions procedures and the establishment of PSC. These three elements are complementary to each other. At the same time, this proposal also involves the concern and interest of the Rakyat. When Parliament operates
smoothly, the voice of the People will be brought into the House for decisions more effectively and rapidly and that will increase the participation of the People.

The petition campaign will be conducted and I plan to collect at least 25 signatures of Members of Parliament. Hereof, for the sake of the future of the people's representatives, I hope Members of Parliament from both sides can consider favourably and support fully this petition.

Er Teck Hwa
MP for Bakri

Click below to download a softcopy of "Transformation of Malaysian Parliament" working paper:
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  1. need at least 25 signatures? it is about 10% of the Members of the August House. total is 222.

  2. The law never state the number of signatures. I just set a target for myself.