EC: Voter forms not rejected, MyKad copies needed


Lee Long Hui
7:44AM Oct 14, 2011
The Election Commission (EC) did not, as the DAP claims, reject new applications for voter registration that were not accompanied with copies of the applicants' MyKad, EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof says.

What the EC requires, Abdul Aziz said, is for the respective political parties sending in the forms to submit the photocopies of the MyKad of the applicants together with the forms.

The reason for this new requirement for MyKad photocopies, he said, is to prevent assistant registrars with political parties from trying to get unqualified people registered as voters.

"We didn't reject (the applications) completely. Make sure you get (the photocopies) before December ends," Abdul Aziz said after a briefing yesterday on the general election for returning officers and assistant returning officers.

He said the political party assistant registrars who did not attach the complete documents of intending voters should get the applicants to submit a photocopy of their MyKad and send this, together with the voter registration forms, to the EC before the end of December.

From this month till the end of December, the EC will accept voter registration applications for the fourth quarter of this year.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok of the DAP earlier this week accused the Federal Territory EC of rejecting more than 500 new voter application forms because the photocopies of their MyKad were not attached.

Kok said they had not been informed by the EC of this new requirement.

The party's Petaling Jaya Utara MP, Tony Pua, revealed that this was also done earlier, by the Selangor EC, and he slammed the EC for also rejecting voter registration applications because of discrepancies in the data on religion.

Abdul Aziz rebutted this matter, and described Pua's statement as a lie.

"That's a lie. Religion never is a condition in the registration of new voters," he said, adding that Pua should provide any substantial evidence he had to the EC.

Abdul Aziz said the assistant registrars caused a lot of problems by submitting the forms of unqualified people, for the EC had to verify their identities before registering them as voters.

He said 36,199 new voters were registered in Selangor between July and September this year, and during this period, the EC rejected 16,803 unqualified applicants.

The EC had also disqualified 94 assistant registrars, and given "serious warning" to another 163 of them, Abdul Aziz said, but declined to state which political parties these assistant registrars came from.

There are 11,483 assistant registrars in the country at present, he added.

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