Join Statement: Hiking Competition organised by DAP Muar District

A hiking competition jointly organised by DAP Bakri Constituency Parliamentary Liaison Comittee and DAP Muar Constituency Parliamentary Liaison Committee at Bukit Mor on 1st January 2012. Initially the competition was held on 18th December 2011. Due to bad weather, the organiser decided to delay until New Year's Day of 2012.


ATM is not your political playfield

Er Teck Hwa was in front of KD Tengku Abdul Rahman during LIMA 2009
When Vincent Tan followed behind Dr Mahathir to go inside the submarine, I could not help but think of why Vincent Tan being an ordinary businessman, and neither being a government officer nor a people’s representative was being allowed to go inside a military vessel. Dr Mahathir’s presence was proper and correct because he was a nation builder, a contributor to the nations progress and held the longest term of Prime-Ministership. Is Vincent Tan a submarine specialist? Why is it a civilian like him was allowed to enter a submarine?