DAP North Johor Tri-Parliamentary Election Campaign Committee launched Cyber Campaigning Team

On 17th September 2011, DAP Muar, Bakri and Ledang Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee grouped together and established DAP North Johor Tri-Parliamentary Election Campaign Committee (NJ-PECC). Within two weeks' period, numerous netizens contacted PECC to volunteer themselves in the campaign. So far the organization of Cyber Campaigning Team (CCT)is satisfactorily accomplished.

Due to the convenience of worldwide web, the electorate from Muar, Bakri and Ledang who are currently working or living outside these three areas can form a campaigning team in order to assist Pakatan Rakyat Johor in networking and management.

CCT is teamed by hybrid between DAP members and volunteers from netizens. Majority of the team members from CCT are from Johor State. Some of volunteers are now spread through nine states in Malaysia. CCT has purchased new domain names as new official website for Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee which is involved in this campaign. These new domain names are easy to remember and that will help in corporate information sharing.

Official Website for these three Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee are as below:

DAP Muar Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee
Website: http://www.dapmuar.org
Email: dapmuar@gmail.com
Facebook FanPage:
Twitter : http://twitter.com/DAPMuar

Bakri Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee
Website: http://www.dapbakri.org
Email: dapbakri@gmail.com
Facebook FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/DAPBakri
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DAPBakri

Ledang Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee
Website: http://www.dapledang.org
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dapledang

NJ-PECC is a temporary election campaign committee, hence, the committee decide to set up a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account for announcement and information circulation. At the same time, same announcement will be simultaneously published in three Parliamentary Constituency Liaison official website.

DAP North Johor Tri-Parliamentary Election Campaign Committee
Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/NorthJohorPECC

Box-and-one Deference Position

NJ-PECC is now actively planning for the possibility of DAP Segamat and Labis Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee to group together with NJ-PECC to form a complete DAP Northern Johor Quinary Election Campaign Committee.

If each liaison committees can obtain a consensus with each other and with cooperation from PKR and PAS team in Selayang Parliamentary Constituency, so deployed as to be able to render instant mutual assistance and formed a complete Normandy Front at Northern Johor.

NJ-PECC has started the planning and updating information will be published soon.

Bakri Parliamentary Constituency Liaison Committee's website being destroyed

DAP Muar District Service Centre initially was having a website http://www.dapmuar.com. The site was meant to store all the record of media statements, activity photographs and other information. Nevertheless, the site had stopped updating soon after 12GE in 2008. Although the original official website has not been updating until now, the domain name and the server charge are still being paid. The website had since being suspended by hosting company and entire data storage had been unrecoverable.

Bakri PLC has then re-registed for a new domain name for it's home page and instructed CCT to gather and recovered the data, but CCT only managed to rescue some data in text form. All photographic data have been permanently destroyed.

The new offical website of Bakri PLC is now at: http://www.dapbakri.org.

Significance role of Internet in election campaign

NJ-PECC expresses regret for the above incident as we understand how essential it is to have an official website in terms of electronic propaganda and as an important communication channel to the public.

Besides that, the website recorded all the events and it should be considered as part of the Party History.

The data can be used as the purposes for researchers, party supporters and readers to refer and to understand the party struggles. Hence, it should be properly conserved and maintained.

Bakri Liaison Committee MP Er Teck Hwa has acknowledged for the said incident and realized the importance of network data. He has since visited some veteran members and hopefully they still have newspaper clipping with them. At the same time, he also requested for local news agents to release their archive.

NJ-PECC urges the public to submit their newspaper clipping or photographs for past year records. And for those who are interested in join our cyber campaigning team, please contact:

Cyber propaganda campaigning manager: Eric Er Chin Li 012-8631477

NJ-PECC cyber campaigning Team for each parliamentary contituency:

Ledang: Lim Eng Guan 016-6669488
Muar: Gan Chee Wee 012-6877215
Bakri:Gan Kim Han 017-6332870

NJ-PECC executive chairman
Er Teck Hwa

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