DAP Muar Constituency Liaison Committee 1st Anniversary Dinner


the dinner will be held in Sungai Abong Sin Kee Tin Restaurant on 8th August, 2010 at 7pm to celebrate DAP Muar Constituency Liaison Committee first anniversary.

The organizer Y.B. Bakri Er Teck Hwa said, upcoming 13th General Election will be the most impotent watershed since it will decide whether Malaysian politic will steadily into two parties system. And Malaysian will only be able to be the real master of this country when two parties system is success. At the same time, Johor State will be the main battle field. if Pakatan Rakyat manage to breakthrough the so-called "UMNO and MCA's stronghold", power rotation should not be a dream. And only change can bring hope, hence, Er urge Johor State voters should consider this as rare golden opportunity to make the change and send Pakatan Rakyat into Putrajaya to open a new chapter in Malaysian Politic.

Our dinner party guests will be IPOH TIMOR MP cum DAP Parliamentary Leader Y.B. Lim Kit Siang, RASAH MP cum DAPSY National Chairman Y.B. Loke Siew Fook, Selangor Assembly Speaker cum Sungai Pinang State Assemblyman Teng Chang Khim and Johor Assembly Opposition Leader cum Skudai State Assemblyman Y.B. Dr. Boo Cheng Hau.

Those who are interested to attend the dinner please contact the following numbers to get a ticket:

MUAR DAP Activity Center 06-9534266
Lim Sey Wee 012-2911988
Tan Hwee Hwa 012-2783659
Liang Toy Heng 019-6667929
Ng Yak Howe 012-6776468
Phua Sau Ching 012-6392210
Lim Kim Huat 017-6518310
Lim Boon Tai 017-6275732

DAP Muar Constituency Liaison Committee Secretary
Ng Yak Howe


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