Press Release: the Malaysia Government has indirectly endorsed racial discrimination

Regarding what had been reported in the medias that Wee Meng Chee (or better known as Namewee) is being investigated for sedition and Information minister Rais Yatim promising stern action against those who produced videos containing racial slurs, three police patrol cars came to his house in Muar just before midnight. DAP Muar and me strongly condemn for the Government's action against him.

Namewee has clearly stated what majority of Chinese opinion - We can not tolerate any provocation of ethnic sentiments anymore! And the initiator of this chaos is still at large. The Authorities choose to transfer these people to other school instead of taking legal action. Chinese Community strongly urge the government take serious action against these initiators, justice has to be meted out to the offenders.

Nevertheless, if what we are dealing here is simply an isolated case, our judicial system may be lenient on this individual considering he or she is the Engineers of the human soul. However, a few similar accidents had then been reported since early this year. On April 2010, Headmistress of SMK Sultan Abu Bakar, Muar instructed all non-Muslim pupils performed Islamic gestures during school monthly uniform assembly. On July 2010, A teacher from SMK Gajah Berang, Jasin accuse "all Chinese are prostitute, they bring bad influence to Malay pupils" when a few female students wear non-sleeved shirt without tudung in a school rehearsal performance. For what had been mentioned above including two incidents happened in Johor and Kedah recently, they all share the same similarity - beside warning and being transferred, non of them was arrested or brought to the court.

Namewee's Youtube video clip has clearly delivered his message - objection to Siti Inshah Mansor's racist allegation and The Education Ministry did not take stern action against those responsible. If Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security insist to take action against Namewee, it means that the Government endorses these headmaster/headmistress's opinions and stand of Education Ministry to make concessions to avoid trouble. In other words, the Government has indirectly endorsed racial discrimination in our country.

Ironically, PDRM choose to send three police patrol cars to Namewee's home 15 minutes before the beginning of Merdeka Day. In the same night, the TV stations was broadcasting his Patriotic documentary "I wanna go home". Some people were investigated because of their patriotic conduct, some people called other races as pendatang, prostitutes, beggars and no action been taken. Does this mean that PM Najib Tun Razak's "1 Malaysia" is falling apart?

Er Teck Hwa
MP of Bakri

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  1. jane said:

    Mr.Er, may be this is the best way to make nation peaceful = just shut up and obey!

  2. Thanks Jane,

    Shell we continue shut ourselves up OR shell we do something to reveal what suppose to be fair and justice?

    It is very much up to our people to think deeply.