MICMS introduction

In Order to handle Bakri Constituency infrastructure issues more effectively and rapidly, DAP MUAR have developed a Municipal Infrastructure Complaint Management System. The trial run was conducted since Jun 2010 and released for public review on September 2010.

The system utilising Goggle Map Technology for labeling of each particular location, type of complaint, date of complaint on a satellite map. Through the system, complainant can verify if the complaint had been followed-up and the interval of the complaint had been logged into the system.

The system divided into 8 categories:
1. Road Damage Complaint
2. Garbage Issue Complaint
3. Flooding Issue Complaint
4. Street Lamp Damage Complaint
5. New Street Lamp Application
6. Drainage Damage Complaint
7. Drainage Blockage Complaint
8. Miscellaneous Complaint

complainant can choose to come over to our service center to make a complaint, or he/she can send us a message through E-mail, Telephone Hotline or leave a message in the blog. Your Complaint will be logged into our system and it can be reviewed through the system to monitor if the issue has been resolved.

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