Setup "Planking for tariff Hike" Fun Page, call for TNB-IPP deal

In order to protest unreasonable eletricity tariff hike, MP Bakri Er Teck Hwa has set up a special fun page named “Planking for tariff Hike” face-book fun page, as a requirement of the BN government to address the anger of the people.

Tariff hikes have to be reasonable

Fuel costs rise for coal, natural gas and oil cause tariff hikes and these fuel make up more than 80% of the Thermal Power generation in the country. However, the rates of tariff hike have to be reasonable, especially when we talk about TNB-IPP agreement in natural gas subsidy
and electricity purchase. It has to be transparent and open for public scrutiny. At the same time, the government has to convince the people that the content of the agreement is not meant merely for the benefit of IPP.

Malaysia is an oil producing state. Petronas established in 1972, has been earning more then 529 billion ringgit. For these three years, due to price rise of nternational crude oil, Petronas has contributed to the federal government 193.2 billion ringgit. At the same time, for almost 12 years, Petronas paid off more then 50 billion ringgit to subsidise IPP, and also have to buy off the electricity generated by these IPPs. This indicated that Petronas actually still has the
ability to undertake high fuel price and their negotiation with IPPs in power purchasing price. Besides that, the country has about 50% of power reservation, and it cost the government to spend more then 4 billion every year to manage surplus electricity. But our PM, TPM and
Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) refuse to publish the content of the agreement and claimed that 75% of population are not affected by the tariff hike. They have completely ignored the chain reaction that may be caused by the high tariff rate.

“plank” for unreasonable tariff hike

By utilising electronic media, for instance ,the computer and cellphone, it can be used as a new channel to express the people’s frustration and discontent.“Planking” or Lying Face Downs was invented by two British, Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon in 1997. It consisted of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body, and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part
of the game. “Plank” just like “flashmob”, has become a way to vent their concern or dissatisfaction. I have combined these two concepts and setup a “plank for unreasonable tariff hike” Fun Page for this purpose. I hereby invite all Malaysian who are dissatisfied with the
tariff hike to join us and submit your “plank post” photograph (or you may select any TNB office nearby OR in front of any TNB logo) to the Fun Page. (Click here)

We hope this effort will help compel the government to listen to the Rakyat’s discontent and eventually unclassified the IPPs agreement for public reviewing in order to prevent any act of corruption and manipulation.

MP Er has illustrated a “plank post” in front of Muar TNB
office to protest the government for not waning to un-classifly
TNB-IPPs agreement.

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