motion to debate "Nude Squat 2.0" and it's urgency

On 24 November 2005, the Chinese newspaper, "China Press" released a sensational report coverage regarding the naked squat pumping with hands pulling ears,that occurred at the Petaling Jaya Police Station. Currently there appears also "Nude Squat 2.0" that exists at the national law enforcement agency. This case that resembles closely the similar events that happened during the era of Tun Abdullah Badawi, has been reported to have also happened to two women Singapore citizens.

On 13 June 2011, the Singapore media exposed that two Singapore women citizens were ordered to strip and do squat pumping, with hands pulling ears. They were detained for 24 hours for an entry legal offence because their passports were not authorized and stamped by the immigration authority. They went through counter 2 at the Examination Post but there was no Duty Officer in attendence to be seen,and they attempted to use the intercom service. They found that there was no Officer to help to facilitate the thumb imprint system procedure. They were on their return trip back to ensure that their passports were officially stamped, but on the other hand, they were detained for the reason of illegal entry.

There was another case that occurred recently in Johor Bahru, that also needs to be noted. On 26 May 2011, two fishermen, Chew Chong Yow, 24, and Tan Kok Beng, 26, were detained by the military and brought to the military camp at Gelang Patah, Johor for questioning. They were detained for being suspected as Singapore spies, but were released after questioning. They claimed they were slapped and treated roughly and rudely during interrogation.

The words "Singapore spies" are not the first time being heard but have been repeatedly used by UMNO-Barisan Nasional propaganda for specific political agenda so as to create racial conflict in which Singapore is potraited as a threat to Malaysia. One latest case occurred during the Parliamentary session debate on 16 March 2011, where Kinabatangan Member Of Parliament, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, referred to Petaling Jaya Utara Member Of Parliament as "Singapore Agent". What is worrying, is whether political agenda is being manipulated and infiltrated into the security body of our country. Has this type of propaganda influenced the security organization of the country so much that they readily presume that all sources of national threats come from Singapore.?

In the two cases involved, there occurred bribery according to the accusation by the victims. In the incident that occurred in Gelang Patah, one of the four military officers involved asked Mr.Tan whether if he telephoned Mr.Tan to ask for money, does Encik Tan agree? Mr.Tan was also informed, that if the phone call is not answered, the officers will go to Mr.Tan's house to meet him. In the incident that occurred in "Nude Squat 2.0" also, one of the custom officers asked for 3000 ringgit from the two women Singapore citizens, who were tetained, as a condition for their release from being detained.

These two cases also reflect the fact that our administration does not apply a policy according to a uniform procedure among various departments. In the incident that occurred at Gelang Patah,the question asked is when different announcements were made by the Secretary General, Ministry of Home Affairs, Mahmud Adam, who explained he had not received any report concerning this case, whereas on the same day,the Director of Immigration, Johor, said that had completed investigation and submitted the report to Putrajaya. Why is it the Immigration Department did not inform the Ministry regarding this case which is serious? The same thing also happened in incident "Nude Squat 2.0". Isn't it that disciplinary matters among the miltary be under the responsibilty of, and investigation of the military police, and information should be made by the military authority? Why was it that OCPD Nusajaya, Supt.Abdil Aziz Ahmad, who was the one who carried out investigation and made official announcement?

What happened in incident "Nude Squat 2.0" which is so serious, involved the national security aspect and it can also damage the tourism sector. The accusations by detainees that there was no Duty Officer seen at Examination Post when the incident occurred,needs to be investigated immediately. If this is true, this matter is very frightening because the country will be faced with dire disastrous consequences if enforcement officers at international borders are not watchful and neglect in their duties that are entrusted upon them,and may cause the national borders be attacked.

Such actions can damage the good name of the country in the eyes of the world concerning the question of human rights and women's rights. With the reports that is disseminated by the Singapore media, this will create a feeling of fright among foreign tourists from visiting Malaysia. This shameful act is an insult to all women. This action had gone beyond the limit and had left a deep negative impression on the victims, and this is very much regretted.

Besides this, the punishment of stripping and squat pumping are actions uncalled for beyond the limit,and very uncivilized. If we recall year 2005, this occurence ever happened and a royal commission was formed. But this matter happened again, and even has spread to other enforcement agencies. This shows there is no sincerity and seriousness of those in authority involved, to contain and stop the spreading of these shameful actions.

With the spread of these incidents in the national enforcement agencies, it is about time a public commission is set up to investigate and to bind a standard procedure, and to prevent, thus ensure that these ugly incidents do not happen ever again in the future.

Er Teck Hwa
Member of Parliament for Bakri

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