Emergency Motion subject to Standing Order 18

Tarikh : 15.06.2011

Tan Sri Tuan Yang Di Pertua
Dewan Rakyat
Parlimen Malaysia

Tan Sri,

Notice of Motion subject to the provision of House of Representative Standing Order 18

With all due respect, I would like to bring Note of Motion subject to the provision of House of Representative Standing Order 18 in order to present proposals as stipulated below:-

On 13 JUNE 2011, the Singapore media exposed the fact that on 9 JUNE 2011, 2 women Singapore citizens who were detained by the Johor Bahru Custom Authority, were ordered to strip and do squat pumping with hands pulling the ears. They were detained for 24 hours for improper entry that is not legal because their passports were not stamped by the Custom Authority. They went through the check point but no Duty Officer was seen. They tried to use the intercom service but there was no officer attending to the fingerprinting scanning system.

On 26 MAY 2011, two anglers were detained by the military authority and brought to the military camp at Gelang Patah, Johor for questioning. They were detained being accused as Singapore spies but were released after questioning. They complained that they were slapped and were being treated rudely when they were questioned.

These cases mentioned involved authorized agencies which are responsible National security, that is, the Customs and Military authority. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has failed to establish IPCMC which aimed to foster credibility of an authorized agency which has deteriorated to a different kin d of agency.

Moreover, the event that occurred in Tambak Johor has exposed how easily foreign tourists can enter our country without watchful security duty by Officers in-charge at security check points.

This issue gives immediate negative effect to the national tourism sector and damage the good name of the country reducing it to a country that does not respect human rights. With the report that is disseminated by the Singapore media, including the Internet, this will result in the fear of foreign tourists to visit Malaysia.

Based on the above facts, incidents like these reflect the safety aspect of the country is undermined. So this needs to be debated immediately in the attempt to protect national security and citizens protection from being threatened, or face harm or danger, due to these types of attitude, and I hope that this proposal tabled will be debated by all members of Parliament.

Thank you

Sincerely yours,
Er Teck Hwa
Member of Parliament for Bakri

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