Land given out fairly No one met assemblyman for recommendation

Words of advise: Abdullah Ali ( standing) advising Bukit Naning residents to watch for land development schemes in thier areas and to submit applications if they want a plot of land.

MUAR: Residents in Bukit Naning have to be alert for new land development schemes being planned in their areas.

Bukit Naning assemblyman Datuk Abcrullah Ali said they should not get angry or protest if others were given land Or housing plots.

Speaking to the residents, he said those who received government land or housing plots had undergone thorough scrutiny by the district and Johor Land Office.

"The opening of land for new housing or development is carried out by the relevant authorities.

"As the assemblyman in this area, I would not know who submitted applications to the Land Office." he said in Air Hitam near Bukit Naning on Wednesday.

Abdullah said for example the residents here submitted applications for housing plots near Bukti Naning to the land office in 2006.

However, he added, out of 500 applications, only 28 residents were allotted housing lots measuring about 418 sqm each in a two-hectare plot.

He said those who received the lots had met the requirements imposed by the district and the state Land Office, not due to political connections.

He said' he had nothing to do with the process carried out by the Government and did not even know who had applied for the housing plots until Wednesday.

He had clarified the matter because some residents had complained to Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa and invited the DAP leader to Bukit Naning.

He said none of those who were allotted plots had ever met him to ask forrecommendations although he knew some of them as they were Umno branch members in Bakri.

"I want to stress I have no say in giving the residents any state land and I want those who failed to get the lots today to apply when the state opens new areas.

"We still have plenty of land in Bukit Naning but we must be on the watch when the state plans to open a new parcel and submit our applications." he said.

Earlier. Er said he had to witness the allocation of the housing lots after some residents had complained to him that many who deserved the lots were not selected.

"I want to see the lot allocation carried out without any political influence and for the Land Office to be fair to all," he added.

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