MP Bakri launched petition campaign at Mukim Air Hitam

Illustration: from right: Azman Bin Ibrahim (PAS Bukit Naning secretery), Kadimon Bin Madisan (PAS Bukit Naning Chairman), MP Bakri, Er Teck Hwa. MP Er was explaining to the local residents about the petition and invited them to sign up for the memorandum.
During the Hari Raya festive season in September 2011, Mukim Air Hitam which is located at the Bukit Naning State Constituency faced the problem of low water pressure for the local water supply. Some areas did not have water supply from early morning until evening. This had caused much inconvenience to the residents in that area, especially during the Hari Raya season when the water demand is high.

According to some of the local residents, the government was planning to build a reservoir in that area but for unknown reasons, the project went on hold.

Irresponsible Attitude From SAJ

I have gone to enquire at the SAJ Muar District Office regarding this issue a few weeks ago. The SAJ officer replied that the water shortage issue only happened during the Hari Raya season. The main cause of this issue was that family members returned home to celebrate Hari Raya and thus, caused a sharp increase in water consumption. And eventually that resulted in low water pressure which affected some areas' water supply. The officer also told me that, SAJ realized the problem and they had increased the number of man-power during the season. If they received any complaint, SAJ would assign water tank trucks to that area to help in the rationing of water to the local residents.

When I asked why there weren't any water tank truck in that area for the last few weeks, the reply was that they did not receive any complaint.

Regarding the issue when it repeatedly happens during every Hari Raya season, SAJ considers this as a short term issue. It only happens for about one week during the Hari Raya season. During normal times, the residential water supply is not affected. Hence, pipe lines upgrading is unnecessary.

I do not agree with above explanation from SAJ. SAJ is in-charge of one of the basic essential infrastructures. Ensuring sufficient water supply to the people is the company's responsibility and not an obligation. It is unacceptable for the company to say that the problem only occurs during the Hari Raya season as this is against the principle of a privatized corporation. As under the privatization concept, those who pay for the service are customers. And this is the company's responsibility to ensure that a customer's service is satisfactorily done.

The Federal Government must show concern about this issue

Since the infrastructure of the rural area is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, hereby I will make a suggestion to the Ministry for its consideration to build a reservoir in Mukim Air Hitam in order to resolve this issue of low water pressure being repeated every year.

For this reason, I have prepared a memorandum and start a petition campaign on 24th of September at Bukit Tengah market. And I hope by using this method, the local residents will uphold their fundamental rights and high-light the insufficient water supply issue to the authority.

The petition campaign will be carried out for a short period. A team comprising Pakatan Rakyat members will go through a door-to-door campaign to explain to the residents about the purpose and importance of this memorandum.

During yesterday's petition campaign, with assistance from PAS Bukit Naning Chairman, Kadimon Bin Madisan and local PAS members, we successfully collected more than 40 signatures.

For the above matter, I have done a survey during early September 2011 and I have listed the issue among my parliamentary questions for the forth-coming parliamentary session. I hope that the local residents can take part in this campaign and encourage more local residents to sign up for the memorandum. And it will be included in my 2012 budget speech.

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