In Bakri, one-tenth of voters have no details

In the parliamentary constituency of Bakri that has 61,101 registered voters, 5,800 (9.54 percent) have their information missing from the National Registration Department (NRD) online database, Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa has claimed.

Er said a software programme developed by a task force set up by the party and comprised of mathematicians, programmers, system designers and networking engineers has found that the MyKad status of all 5,800 voters showed "no application/invalid data" (above and below) during a recent check on the NRD's publicly accessible website.

The software programme, said Er, is capable of locating and validating every single voter in the electoral roll as well as analyse the electoral data.

“The task force members had done some random checking on these MyKad holders and confirmed that some of them are valid Malaysian citizens, but their data cannot be found in the NRD online query system," said Er in a statement issued today.

The party formed a 17-member electorate validation task force to scrutinise the latest electoral roll updated until June.

Ledang, the parliamentary seat beside Bakri, was also found by the task force to have the same problem where 8,524 or 15.17 percent of voters have no records in the NRD database.

Er (left) pointed out that all these facts prove that the NRD online database is highly unreliable and unstable.

“The MyKad query system is the official online query system provided by NRD for the public to validate their MyKad status, hence the data has to be accurate and stable.

“But our analysis shows that 9.54 percent and 15.17 percent of voters respectively from Bakri and Ledang do not have their records in NRD's database.”

The software also detected two Bakri voters listed as permanent residents, with the identification numbers 481020715055 and 530801016052.

On this, Er reiterated that the cases of voters found to be non-citizens could be a threat to national security and make the country a laughing stock in the international community.

“So far the EC still maintains its 'catch me if you can' attitude and waits for the opposition parties to expose all these errors before they can be erased from its database.

The MP was baffled why the EC, which has computerised its database since 2002, failed to detect those errors which were discovered by Pakatan Rakyat within two months.

“The EC is funded by the federal government, and it has sufficient full-time staff to do this job. Does it mean that the EC is not capable of performing its duty, or it is simply ignoring the mistakes?” he asked.

Another anomaly in the Bakri electoral roll, claimed Er, is that 43,443 or 71.46 percent of the total voters have either incomplete or no addresses at all in the EC online database.

He said the task force had approached some of these voters and been told that they did fill in their addresses when they registered as voters, mostly before 2000.

“It is reasonable to believe that the error is due to negligence of EC registrars or officers when they input the data.

“Or maybe the EC has two sets of data, and the data that is opened to public access has been tampered with,” he added.

He demanded that both EC and NRD give satisfactory answers over these irregularities.

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