Press Statement: A bridge near SJKC Soon Cheng need to be repaired urgently

Form left:Phua Sau Ching, MP special assistant Sim Bak Kee, DAP Parit Setongkat chairwoman Lim Ailing and MP Bakri Er Teck Hwa
5th May 2011 morning, MP Bakri YB Er Teck Hwa received a complaint from a local resident regarding a cracking road surface, that occurred on a bridge across Parit Saga. The bridge is located at the junction of Jalan Parit Setongkat and Jalan HJ Mohd Jacob and it is the entrance for SJKC Soon Cheng. An obvious crack can be seen and it is dangerous to road users.

When YB Er received the said complaint, together with MP office mobile service team leader Phua Sau Ching, MP special assistant Sim Bak Kee and the chairman of Parit Setongkat DAP branch Lim Ailing, arrived at the said location for further investigation.

The complaint was lodged by a kindergarten principal. She said that the road surface cracks had not been repaired for quite a while. She was worry that accidents may happen. Hence, she went to the MP's office to lodge a complaint.

Er said, the cracking bridge is located at the 45 degree corner and it is a traffic accident "dark zone", which is a high accident prone area.

The road stretches to the Muar Second Ring Road. A warning sign and a warning indication light should be placed 200m away before the bridge so as to alert road users. This portion of the road is frequently used by non-local residents It will be dangerous for those who are unfamiliar with the road condition if the warning sign is not sufficiently significant seen. YB Er has urged the relevant authority to repair the bridge as soon as possible. The bridge is the main entrance leading to SJKC Soon Cheng. If the bridge is blocked, pupils from that school will have to make a big turn from Taman Damai to the main road for the pupils' parents and school buses to pick them up.

YB Er later contacted a few departments to notify them regarding this issue. The Muar District Officer had later responded that the bridge was under their responsibility. YB Er said he had informed the department to come and repair the collapsed portion of the road and he promised to continue the follow up in order to prevent unnecessary accidents that might happen due to the delay of the repair work.

The cracking portion has produced a big hole measured more then 1 meter
The complaint was lodged by a kindergarten principal

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